Being on a growth edge is hard.... meaning when we are dropping in, being more present, asking our self more questions, shifting our perceptions, speaking up and out in new and different ways - we can feel really vulnerable, sometimes confused and maybe even at times discouraged.
We also have been on that growth edge and yes.... it sucks AND at times it is exhilarating and encouraging to see the growth AND it can be exhausting. During these times we all need heaping doses of tenderness!
This last week has offered great opportunity for material for the app... coming very soon:
Talks on Limiting Beliefs, Imposter Syndrome and Social Media and Needs Shame.
All good human stuff :)

Oceans of love and heaping doses of tenderness to you all -

Stacie and Stacy

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over 1 year

This sounds exactly what l need and probably others, as we are learning that we are on alot of the same pathes and we are not alone. Thank you for helping me learn to have tenderness , and love for myself, a hard one to swallow, as l grow!😘

over 1 year

@Sarah we are grateful for you and all of your brilliance🧡🙏❤

over 1 year

Thank you both for creating this amazing outlet and resource ❤ My biggest struggle has always been thinking I'm alone in all of this. The two of you have created a beautiful community (that now fits in my hand) that helps me know I'm not alone. Thank you oh so very much ❤🥰😘