Peace begins with me 💫 🙏🏼
When I first looked at the picture and read it my head went right to my babies (my 2year old granddaughter and my 9year old niece) and how much I need to show up for them. However, after doing some journaling and listening to the small talk on Regulation vs Suppression I visited this picture again and realized how much this spoke to ME and my little person inside that usually shows up as an 8 year old little girl with big emotions that she wasn’t aloud to regulate. I’m learning to not share in the chaos of those wounded emotions but to share the calm of my more aware adult self and help heal that little girl. This picture has become more powerful to me as the day went on. I hope someone else needs this too.

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over 1 year

🧡 what a wonderful reminder to show up for the littles around us in this way and the little one in us!

over 1 year

oh we sooo need to remember this!!!! Good one.