I sense a theme here with how I drop into my emotions.

Mimi wanted to listen to Everything's Not Awesome from the Lego Movie the Second Part on the drive home today. Nothing came across as loud and clear to me as the lyrics "Everything's not awesome but that doesn't mean that it's hopeless and bleak."

I've been flooded and avoiding myself. I'm exhausted from not being okay all the time.

"Everything's not awesome. Things can't be awesome all of the time. It's not realistic expectations but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try."

I'm just sitting with it, and having patience. This is a big wave!

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over 1 year

so true, love it

over 1 year

Leave it to Mimi to capture the wisdom with music! "everything can't be awesome all of the time" is big R reality. Yes, some waves are absolutely bigger than others and I love your awareness, @aimee and your talismans to help you remember and keep you afloat. Peeling aqay the layers is messy and painful but I also want to remind you all of how messy and painful it was when we were asleep to our lives...waking up is hard AND so worth it! Sending lots of love and grace as we navigate the storms🧡🙏🌊 Thank you for sharing this part of your process!