How powerful is this statement?! Really hit home for me tonight.

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over 1 year

Intuition usually goes against what we think will bring us joy and ease but it truly is the easier, softer way! It helps us exercise our trust muscle. 🙏 ❤️💜💙

over 1 year

yes, still in the learning stage!!! That is so true , and right

over 1 year

Yes! Having this discernment is so important...this comes from learning to pause, responding versus reacting. I also ask the question: am I running away? If so I am triggered. I want to access the guidance of what I want to move towards. The guidance may also move me away from somwthing or someone but it takes me closer to what I want or need. This distinction makes a huge difference🧡 Thank you for sharing this, Tanya🙏

over 1 year

Yep! It’s a constant struggle for me! Thanks for sharing! 💗