Oh my gosh you guys! This really struck a chord for me - in my work with @sbeambruce and @stacyworley they have ways encouraged me to drop in to the younger wounded part or the older wiser part and this was just such an amazing visual reminder that I have all the wisdom and answers inside of me! πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—

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over 1 year

Powerful image. I struggle with all 3 of me so this is a very powerful image to look at.

Erin C.
over 1 year


over 1 year

I do love this picture! It reminds me of how we, today, have to hold that younger one in us and learn how to be held by our wiser, higher self.. beautiful find!🧑

over 1 year

A beautiful illustration of the reminder we are never alone and all the answers are within! Thank you @thearee