We have seen a definite theme this week that we want to share with you all as we transition into the weekend! Sometimes we can feel like we are hanging by a thread, and while we know the tools that are available to help us are accessible and ready - we just can't get ourselves to do the things... know you are not alone! Often when we get to this place we beat ourselves up for not doing the things we know can help - which just sends us even deeper into a spiral. This cycle is so painful. - To break free - what has to happen first and foremost is you have to Release. When we reach this point - our containment systems are FULL - and the emotions are leaking out in all kinds of inconvenient ways. Our default is to suppress them, hold them in, get it together - which just serves to further drain our limited reserves of energy and we stay stuck. You need to Release: cry, throw the tantrum, hit the bed, scream in your pillow, journal, call a friend who can hold the space - whatever you can access - that is where we need to start. Only when we make a little space internally can we then Reclaim our self care tools like meditation, yoga, yoga Nidra ect… and start to Reform our behavior and break free from the cycle.
Release, Release, Release! This can be so, so hard - but so vital. We wish you all good healthy and safe passages of Release so you can really enjoy the weekend ahead!

Much Love,
Stacie and Stacy

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I hate these blockages. Release has been what I have been most working on this week so that I can be comfortable sitting in my own skin and really sink into my body. Thanks for the reminder.

over 1 year

So thankful for your heartfelt insights

over 1 year

this is so true and l definitely need the reminder, thank you both

Erin C.
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over 1 year

Thank you for this reminder! 💗

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Thanks for sharing this today. It was very much needed.

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I wish there was a heart react button ❤ Thank you both for this reminder 😘