Today I’m practicing forgiveness for myself - I’ve always been quick to forgive others, even when they might not be deserving of that forgiveness, but struggled to give myself the same leniency. I’ve held myself to such a high standard - setting myself up to fail as a result. I can accept my past and even appreciate that it brought me here. I can let go and step into my future. I can forgive myself. 💗

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over 1 year

❣️and I'm here to help you when you need support ❣️

over 1 year

The key to happiness is living in our strengths. Forgiveness is a strength that can take a lot of acceptance, courage and discernment. All the qualities I see in you! Muah 💋

over 1 year

@sbeambruce it’s going to be a journey - but I now know it’s possible where before it wasn’t an option. Excited to see where it takes me! 💗

over 1 year

Oh my, this is a big one.... this is a huge part of self compassion. All forgiveness starts with self forgiveness...softening around past decisions and regrets can clear alot of space!🧡