Do you ever need a reminder about a recent awareness you came into? Maybe a mantra refresher? I found an app that sends you customizable notifications! It's called "Notify Me". You create a message, choose what time it gets sent to you, and set the repetition pattern. Create, choose, repeat. I love it so much! Whether it is a simple reminder to "show that beautiful smile", or something more heavy like "that which does not belong to you needs to be let go." I highly suggest checking it out. I have the link for Android below (sorry Apple friends ☹) #notsponsored

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over 1 year

Notify Me

over 1 year

What’s the app named? There may be an IOS version! 🤞🏻

over 1 year

Petfect! You found one! LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing🧡🙏💥