Good morning! I've moved my Asana this morning, and am currently sipping on my lemon water in my Ride the Wave mug from Hawaii. The inner critic from years ago would have been disappointed that I didn't do more, and she is still there! The inner child and wiser self, however, are telling me it's okay, and I am! How are you all this morning?

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over 1 year

Yes! softening around the inner critic is a huge shift, creates so much more space and helps you elevate to that higher perspective. Love all of the awareness here @aimee,@Sarah and @thearee!

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I love moving my asana! Good job 👏

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hearts to you both @Sarah @thearee

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I’ve taken on the mentality that anything is better than nothing. This last year I’ve slowly moved towards my goals by just doing something no matter how small. For example, with waking up early and doing my self-care. At first I had a hard time getting up and doing all the things I wanted to do but instead of giving up and not doing anything I would do something - a lot of days it would be only 5 minutes of mediation which didn’t seem like much but it allowed me to start building momentum and now I’m much closer to where I want to be.
I’m proud of you, Aimee, for taking forward steps in taking time for yourself. Everything you’re doing will only give you momentum!
Keep kicking @ss sister! 🔥🔥🔥

over 1 year

My physical self is fighting the kiddie-crud. My inner critic does not find this acceptable. She thinks I need to do all the things and stop being lazy. My wiser self is giving her a raised eyebrow look in the rearview mirror 🤨 It's a lovely morning 😄