This article really spoke to me - I’ve spent my whole life trying to quite my inner critic and numb out of (perceived) negative feelings. I’m starting to realize that by not acknowledging with my inner critic it causes her to get louder and more distracting. To truly lean in to self care I need to embrace all parts of myself including her. I love the idea of writing down the “blurts” my inner critic throws at me and then looking at them with curiosity. Here’s to learning to love every bit of ourselves! 💗

To Do What You Really Want to Do, You Need to Befriend your Inner Critic - Tiny Buddha
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over 1 year

@sbeambruce I am finally understanding the whole concept of my inner critic and how she’s not my enemy but a part of me that needs love. I’ll definitely let you know how day 2 goes! 💗

over 1 year

Hi Thea! This article is a great synopsis of our inner critic, which is something we ALL have! I love how it says our inner critic "means well but is misguided"... my wording is similar, though I look at my inner critic as a younger, more frightened part of me that needs some attention. Learning how to work with your inner critic is the key, not continuing to try to extinguish it- which only leads to more suffering! Day 2 of the Self Compassion Immersion is all about working with your inner critic... will you let us know any insights you get from those practices? I am always so excited to hear what speaks to different people. Thank you, again, for sharing 🧡🙏😘