Accountability: when I do the things I don't want to do because I gave my word to someone I would show up. Most days I feel like I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome because I just don't want to do the things: parent, work, life!

Since downloading the app - though I never gave my word - I've seen an improvement in my dedication to self. Journaling nightly, waking up at 5a (without an alarm!), and having a sense of accessible support.

I'm the type of person who wants to be ALL IN from the get-go, but have found grace in taking the smaller steps.

Will you be my accountability partners? 😊

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over 1 year

This sounds like me. Wanting to be all in, putting to much on my plate, being overwhelmed, but so desperate for healing that I want it all and want it all right now. My anxiety and PD like to lie to me also and tell me I can’t do it. It’s what has prevented me from really stepping in. Baby steps are such a great idea and I would LOVE an accountability partner or group. I’m open to sharing my phone number if you would like.

over 1 year

Girl, you know I’m here for you! Thank you for being a person I can depend upon to hold me accountable. I’m so grateful for you and your friendship! 💗

over 1 year

So many yummy tidbits in this, Aimee! I love this practice of accountability with grace. This softening and finding more of an organic dedication to yourself will help sustain you, help soften the times you are accountable to external things that feel hard. AND I love the opening to and welcoming in support, because truly I know no better balm for the heart and mind than connection with others on a similar journey🧡🙏🌷