Good Morning!!

We are excited to announce we are back for our Livestreams! (Starting this morning at 8:00am)

Our environment (settings) may look a little different going forward through the winter but the content is still about Recognizing, Reconnecting, Releasing, Reclaiming and Reforming in all it's various forms! Not to shock the system to much Stacie will be outside this morning in her lovely, comforting and cozy backyard!

We have also been working hard this past month creating and organizing! A Facebook Group, The Alive Inner Circle, has been created for continued engagement with you all on social media and from there we are creating The Inquiry and The Deep Dives that we can't wait to share with all of you in the near future. Please join us the bigger the circle the better!!

And there is more exciting news to share!! We have successfully tested how to bring our Breathwork workshop to an online experience. Our next workshop is coming up soon and we would love to have you participate, if unable to make the next one we have several through the end of the year! Check them out here -

Back to Livestreams!! The schedule for the Livestreams has slightly changed. Going forward there will be an 8:00AM Sunday Talk and Meditation to start with the week with an intention and grounding. On Wednesday's we will have an 8:00PM check in and movement to keep the flow of energy calm and relaxed for the rest of the week.

We have missed you and are excited to continue to connect!
All our Love,
Stacy and Stacy

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