Good Morning! We are still in the midst of the great reorganization of our content in the App and we are excited to announce a change to the livestreams that brings more intention and purpose. Moving forward, each month there is a theme that we will be working with in talks, meditations, and movement. On Sundays you will see us both as we combine the livestreams in the evening with a talk, meditation, and movement! On Wednesdays we will continue with our talk and meditation in the morning and talk and movement in the evening, We would love to hear from you about topics you are looking for more exploration and clarity on, please post in the comments!!

The theme for this month is exploring how to find Hope and Inspiration in trying times, we look forward to our continued journey together and seeing your comments as we go live!!

Mountains of Love,
Stacy and Stacie

P.S. Going forward Sunday's have only ONE Livestream at 8:00pm in the evening.

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4 months

this sounds awesome!!!! Can't wait šŸ’š