Hello ALIVE Community!
Thank you all so much for showing up in the way you do. Coming together for these Livestreams has been so supportive, grounding and encouraging during these emotionally charged and uncertain times. We have loved showing up for you all and are so appreciative for your continued presence and participation which has helped US so much during this time. We want to keep showing up - just in a more sustainable way. After 114 Livestreams we are now ready to transition into Phase 3 - which essentially means 2 days weekly. We still want to keep the morning and evening format and offer these every Sunday and Wednesday as touchpoints for our week.
For the time being we will keep all of the May Livestreams in the app and accessible to everyone as we update and reorganize all of the new and older content. Please utilize the practices as needed in between the times we come together. As always we are plotting and building new and beautiful things and will keep you posted as it unfolds!

Oceans of Love,

Stacie and Stacy

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6 months

@Lori Love you 😍

6 months

l have so appreciated both of you helping me to stay grounded, now it is time for the next phase. Thank you so very much for all the time and work you put in for us 💚you much