Hello Alive Community! We are posting this morning to let you know we are revising our Live-Stream schedule for the month of May. As we continue this journey together and are slowly venturing out of houses more and more we are ending the Friday and Saturday Live-Streams. Balance is the key to sustaining ourselves and still being available with love and grace for each one of you. Please continue to join us, we are so appreciative of your time and attention!

Oceans of Love,
Stacy and Stacie

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7 months

Looking forward to your return!

7 months

So glad you are taking some time. What a gift this has been! You have shared a wealth of information, resources and abundance of love and compassion. Blessings

7 months

Sounds wise. Self care 🌸

7 months

Thank you both for your dedication to this community. Your live-streams have facilitated such openness and awareness for me.

7 months

Thank you for all you have given us during this time. You both have been such a blessing and have kept me together throughout this time. You are the best 💚