Happy Easter! Passover! And Spring! The Live-streams are not recording properly and we sent a message into the administrator of the App. We have developed a work around for recording them but lost the videos from yesterday. Hopefully, as the administrators look into the problem they may be able to recover them. Will keep you posted!

All our Love,
Stacy and Stacie

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8 months

@simona Thank you! We are so grateful to help in some way. Love to you! πŸ’œπŸŒ…

8 months

Dearest Stacie and Stacy,
Thanks for your commitment and generosity of spirit and for all you are doing to keep our community beautifully afloat and uplifted. While making deviled eggs I just listened to Stacie reading and I am sooo moved and grateful for the shared wisdom. πŸ™ Sending Love πŸ’— and Blessings your way! 😘😘