I looked up the definition of static, not because I didn’t know the meaning, but because I wanted a more clear understanding. Right now my emotions seem stuck as sad or depressed. This has caused me to physically get stuck and to mentally shut down. When I have time to go back and really participate in this morning’s practice, I believe it will be very helpful, and if I can get myself on my mat, I also think that a yoga practice that works my core/3rd chakra may get me going. Getting on the mat is the key, though. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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8 months

As a follow up to this post, this morning I forced myself to get on my mat, and once I started moving, some of that depression kind of melted away. I knew it would but it’s funny how it works. I don’t really understand why sometimes it’s so hard to make myself do it. 🤷‍♀️ 🙏

8 months

@Mary yes! her on your mat and let the emotions run through. When we feel stuck it will generally run through all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically ect... breaking through on one level allows space on all levels and physically moving our bodies can be an accessible way to tap in - just allow for the release of whatever is there ❤🙏

8 months

I love how the universe works. First I am sorry I didn’t see this all day. But I find it funny that tonight I talked about getting on my mat more and how much that is helping. 😘 The many different avenues we have to practice will move the energy, breathing, guided meditations, asana practices. Thank you for the question and we are all in this together. 🥰