Good Morning! Another beautiful and connected experience through meditation from Stacie BB, THANK YOU! We are posting the questions from this morning's contemplation for you to have and journal about. We would also like to encourage fostering community by sharing your answers if you feel called to so others may not feel so alone and have suggestions to move forward from fear, overwhelm, or anxiety. The recording is located in Alive Practices/Daily Livestream/4-2 AM The One-Two Contemplation Part 2.

Please reach out for support, questions and/or connection,
Oceans of Love,
Stacy and Stacie

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8 months

I am afraid of loosing someone close .
We are safe in our space . We will get through this together.
I am frustrated the triggers won’t give me a break .
I am grateful for the practices to help navigate .
I am grateful to be aware of what is happening .
I am grieving my Connie with clients
Yoga ..plant some flowers

8 months

@Mary Thank you 🙏 Your answers are so thoughtful and give me inspiration to keep going.

8 months

I’ve finally had time to do this meditation and journal, so I’ll share my thoughts.
1. A) My biggest fear is that my husband will catch the virus. He is high risk because of health issues. B) I’m hopeful or feel some certainty around the fact that my family, mainly my son, seem to be taking the situation more seriously and we’ve taken some definitive steps to protect each other.
2. A) The one thing that frustrates me is that at my work, I cannot separate myself from others. I’d really like to stay away from everyone but it’s not always possible. B) I am grateful that I am still working which means that I both hate going to work but at the same time I am grateful that I am still working. It’s a strange combination. I’m also thankful that I live and work in the country so I have a lot of private space.
3. A) I am grieving for our collective losses, our loss of security, the loss of life, the loss of our lifestyles, loss of human contact. I’m grieving for it all. There is a sadness in this isolation that goes beyond fear. For me I think it is knowing that our lives will never be the same. I believe this is a defining moment in history. We will never be able to go back to that state of innocence. B) I can be kind and loving to myself by allowing myself to actually enjoy this time of stillness and quiet but not feeling guilty for not always being productive.