Good Morning! How you are going to move your energy and stay balanced today? Drop In to your body see what it is you need. If is to open you heart try the Loving Kindness meditation. If is to move stuck energy try the Open your Heart or Energizing asana practice. If it is to create or manifest something try the Cultivating Creativity meditation or the Manifesting Yoga Nidra. Let us know how you moved through your day with balance, ease and energy?
Stacy and Stacie

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over 1 year

I’ve been off the last 24 hours and ended up skipping morning meditation in favor of sleeping in and have felt not totally present all day. I snuck away and tried the Lovingkindness meditation which really helped me get back in my body and feel grounded. 💗

over 1 year

If you don’t have a lot of time use the Kapalabhati Breath under energize and inspire, Pranayama. Just did the practice and I know the people I come in to contact with today will be grateful! 😉😉