Really practicing this tonight. Needed this reminder so I don’t stay stuck.

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over 1 year

KP, it’s a daily process for me. I usually am successful for a bit then the next day starts and I’m surrounded again by a houseful that I am not supported in and it triggers so much inside me that I find myself laying in bed doing this process all over again hoping I don’t carry the day before into the next day. Ugh. Life!

over 1 year

Wow that is so hard to do sometimes!! Hope ya were successful, even for a bit 🙂

over 1 year

love it, me tooo

over 1 year

This is the hardest but most worthwhile practice... thanks for the reminder!

over 1 year

I love this! We need these helpful reminders to not attach to the emotion, but like Aimee said "ride the wave"... a simple concept that is not always easy, it takes practice to build that new neural pathway. Glad you found your reminder and were putting it into practice🧡

over 1 year

Ride the wave! Sending you good energy! 💛💜💛