Hello ALIVE Community -
So many things are changing so fast in our world right now and we are experiencing all of the feelings that come with this right along with you. In our daily lives what we have found to be most helpful is both connection and information/practices that help empower our sense of safety and well-being. Here we are - each in our own set of circumstances AND in this together. What can we bring to this already existing platform and community that would help us all feel a little more safe supported and loved?
Below are some tangible ways of bringing both the connection and information/practices to you - we would love to hear what it is that you would like more of right now.
The Evening Calming Routine would be a Livetsream to help us wind down from the day with movement and or meditation or yoga nidra.
The Q & A Talks would be Livetstreams that would specifically address any questions or concerns that you want more clarity on.
The Daily Meditation would be Livestreams of guided meditations to start the day a little more grounded and centered.
Please take the poll and let us know what appeals to you... or let us know if you have other thoughts or ideas and put them in the comments!

Oceans of Love,
Stacie and Stacy

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9 months

I need ALL the things! Thank you ladies for holding this space for us during this uncertain time.

9 months

I love all the ideas but what speaks to me the most is the Evening Calm and the Daily Meditation! Thank you for creating this space for us to find peace and respite!

9 months

I feel the same as Mary. Both would be nice.

9 months

I like the idea of the evening calm routine especially because by the end of the day I’m usually wound up pretty tightly. Also the Q&A because 1/2 the time I feel crazy especially in the evenings.