Hi Alive Community! Stacie and I as Health advocates, body, mind and spirit, wanted to share our thoughts and knowledge with you during this overwhelming and complicated time. We want to help you with creating the internal space and the emotional resiliency to face the uncertainty of the challenges ahead of us. We, also, believe that keeping a healthy immune system and reducing stress can help the in prevention and getting through the virus if contracted. Below are some ways, besides the washing of hands, etc, to help build your immune system and reduce stress.

1. Decrease alcohol consumption - our immune system is depressed and compromised when drinking alcohol.

2. Decrease tobacco Intake - smoke irritates the respiratory tissues causing the cells in the respiratory track to be compromised.

3. Exercise - Moderate exercise builds the muscles, cells, lung tissue and our immune system as a whole. We are not talking about a strenuous workout as that is actually counterproductive. The yoga videos in the app itself can provide you with ways to move and strengthen the body.

4. Keep your digestive system and your elimination healthy - Try not to overwhelm the digestive system with overeating. This disrupts our metabolism and the metabolism of all cells of the body, decreasing the strength of the white blood cells. Add more fruits and vegetable to your diet for their nutrients. There is a talk on Healthy Eating Guidelines (Alive Mini Talks/Everyday Living) as well as a .pdf to help with how to keep the digestive system happy for all.

5. Increase Hydration - make your sure you are drinking water all throughout your day.

6. Get the proper amount of sleep - to help facilitate this, practice before bed the Yoga Nidra for Sleep in the Alive Practices/Calm and Relax Folder.

7. Reduce Stress - Probably the most important tip here! Stress and anxiety fill us up, create more reactivity and tax our immune system. The resources found here, such as, the Being Human talks, the breathing exercises and meditations, and staying connected in the Alive community are ways we can help support you through this challenging time.

Please reach out with questions and/or comments,
Oceans of Love,
Stacy and Stacie

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