Last night before bed, I listened to the meditation “connecting to your inner child”. It was odd to observe myself as an outsider, but encouraging to feel compassion towards that anxious, selfish little girl. What i didn’t expect was to also see the behaviors of my family around me and how they may have shaped my behaviors later on, and again, instead of anger and frustration towards them I realized they were only doing the best they could with what they were taught. As a quotation I love says “We are all just walking each other home.”

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9 months

Jody, this is so the task at hand. Thank you for sharing and letting us know that we are not alone💚

10 months

Jody, the past versions of ourselves were doing the best they could also, to stay safe. It is always interesting to see how we reacted to the behaviors of our family and it is beautiful how you can see they were only acting from their patterns. Thank you for sharing! 😘