Have any of you seen Rise of the Guardians? It's been on my mind lately. Jack Frost is searching for his center. All the other guardians already know theirs. I relate to him. I have deeply rooted emotions surrounding not ever been seen or heard, just like Jack. I relate and I'm beginning to think my center is also FUN. Finding joy in everything!

Do you know what your center is? (and yes, I recommend this movie)

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Erin C.
over 1 year

time for mom and kiddo movie ...

over 1 year

Adding to my list! Thanks Aimee!

over 1 year

Adding to my list! Thanks Aimee. Sounds like something I can relate, too, as well!

over 1 year

I haven’t seen that movie but now I’m adding it to my list! I am still trying to figure out what my center/purpose is but I feel it involves using my empathy and holding space for others.

over 1 year

I love this movie! I, too, have related to Jack. I love watching his journey into himself and uncovering his gifts, his center... I especially appreciate that in his journey he had to break through his resistance to his painful memories in order to reclaim his purpose! Our center, our purpose, is often buried under layers of resistance, painful memories, unprocessed emotions, false expectations and shame... I love watching Jack move through this process and come into his own, embracing his own unique gifts🧡🙏 I also love tgat you are starting to embrace your unique gifts more and more!!