Happy Sunday! We wanted to remind you that we have upcoming events and opportunities for deeper understanding, learning and experiences to enhance our healing journeys! We absolutely LOVE doing live events with you all and here is what is coming up in the next month:

We have 2 more spots open in our upcoming immersion - Empowered Feminine. During this long weekend we will be exploring and healing the intergenerational trauma we carry as women. This will be a powerful 4 days in a supportive circle of other women!

For those of you who are local to the Seattle area, we have a talk scheduled Monday March 2nd at the East West Bookshop talking about how our Inner Revolution helps us build emotional resilience - we would love to have you join us at this free event!
For more info of any of our groups, immersions, talks and workshops, you can click on the Events section in our app!

Oceans of Love to you all...

Stacie and Stacy

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