I just wanted to create a post of gratitude. This year I am not able to attend or participate many Alive events due to some other opportunities (of growth) that have presented itself. When I first started on this journey, I would not have imagined in my wildest dreams that it would lead me to where I am today. While much of the work I am doing right now is difficult, I feel grounded and I know that I am okay. Several years ago, I was in a similar position, and it did not go well! Reflecting on the work I've done, and how I just AM right now is amazing. I'm proud of me! and I thank Stacie, Stacy and the connection of women that I have met through them for this.

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11 months

Aimee, you are such a wonderful person, who l love, cherish and am proud to call a friend. Your strength, supportive listening, and inspiration, have helped me with my growth and healing. l know you will be a great blessing to many more!

12 months

Such an honor to be able to witness your transformation. We have all been touched by your journey. Big hugs❤️

12 months

@aimee Life is here for the taking! You are so courageous stepping into your full self. It is scary, hard and exciting all at the same time. We always are connected and will be with you on the journey even if you aren’t able to make some of the circles. ❤️💜💙

12 months

@aimee you are such an important part of our community and watching you literally come alive the last few years has been so amazing! Thank you for your courage and willingness to keep going, you are already impacting so many people (us included). We are always here cheering you on❤❤😘

12 months

This is so beautiful @aimee ! Your growth and healing has been an honor to witness. Love you so much ❤

12 months

I’m proud of you lady! Your an inspiration and I know you’re on an amazing path that is leading you to do great things for other women!!! 💗💗💗