WOW! Thank you Stacie BB for an excellent description of the Container/Foundation for taking old beliefs, opinions, and thoughts and processing/transforming them into a new elevated perspective. The mini talk on the Inner Revolution is now in the new Inner Revolution folder. Which brings me to a couple of changes we would like you all to be aware of that you may have been seeing taking place on the APP:

1. We created a Get Started selection that is now our Home page. We added a Welcome audio and the paths to get started in this section. Give it a listen or view the paths and let us know if you have questions, comments, or what you think!

2. We removed the Paths to Get Started folder in the Alive Practices and created an Inner Revolution Folder that now houses our Inner Revolution meditation, mini talks associated with the Inner Revolution and Yoga practices that continue building our emotional resiliency.

Thank you all for your continued support and allowing us to support you on your healing and growing journeys!
Oceans of Love,
Stacy and Stacie

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