Happy Winter Solstice!
Words that come to our mind as we
head into a new year and new decade are hibernation, self-reflection, renewal,
regeneration and rebirth of the sun (ourselves) into the light. This is a time
of quiet energy where we can look within ourselves and focus on what we need.
It is a time to set goals and intentions for the upcoming year and long term
goals for the upcoming decade. To begin this process we hibernate and reflect
within, seeing what needs to be changed from our past and what we need to
change within ourselves. This is not a time for harsh decisions but for
reflection to move towards regeneration.

ALIVE’s immersions are designed around digging deep to
reflect on what is blocking us and tools to move towards our intentions and goals.
Could this decade be your time to commit to a process to being out your
strengths, talents and purpose and to learns tools to bring you closer your
dreams? We hope you will join us. Our next Immersion will be at the end of February - more info to come...
In the meantime - Happy Solstice!
Oceans of Love,
Stacie and Stacy

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