The Livestream- Inner Contentment Asana practice - is now available under the Calm and Relaxed folder in the app. This a such a lovely 30 minute gift to us all-especially in this time of year when it is dark and we are maybe a little more frantic or busier than usual. If you weren't with us live this morning - check it out - you will feel a little more calm, connected and content!

This was also our last Livestream for the year. We want to thank you all for your participation and support - it is because of you all that this app and all of its content even exists! We look forward to starting up our Wednesday morning Livestreams with you all on January 8th. If you have any topic requests for mini talks or practices drop us a comment below!

Oceans of Love-
Stacie and Stacy

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12 months

@aimee ❤😘❤🙏

12 months

@aimee thank you Aimee! 😘

12 months

happy holidays and winter solstice! so thankful for your presence 🎁 in my life!