Join me in the morning for a mini talk on all things about Power. Why might our relationship to power be skewed and what does healthy power look like? How and why we give our power away - AND how to call it back.
Who out there in our community has a complicated relationship with power? I know that I did (and is still a work in progress) - it has been something I always thought I should want AND I feared it. I tried for years to covertly feel powerful - only to crash and burn many times. What words come to you when you think of that word: Power and you feeling powerful?
Please - chime in in the comments - I want to hear your thoughts and feelings so I can address them in the talk tomorrow morning!
Looking forward to "seeing" you in the morning...

Stacie BB

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12 months

@Mary thank you for sharing! yes, this type of conflict is common where we feel that "power" can be destructive so we swallow it or submit to keep the peace! I will definately cover this more in the morning❤❤❤🙏

12 months

When I think of power I find myself thinking about being assertive and that’s usually a reaction to what I think is someone taking advantage of me or disrespecting me. When I fell this type “power” I’m usually angry and argumentative. Because I would rather avoid a confrontation, I usually shrink from these situations giving my power away. I don’t think either way is health power.