Happy Saturday everyone and we hope you all had a good holiday! Just a quick note to you all as we are back in the land of service after our adventure. Turns out that it was a smart decision to cancel our Wednesday Livestream last week even though our destination had Wi-Fi. However, what we did not know was that we were headed right into a bomb cyclone storm that swept through California and Oregon. That was an ADVENTURE and we were left without any power for our entire trip in the Redwoods! We had lots of practice in acceptance and letting go of expectations and it turned into a sweet, memorable trip AND we are so grateful to have power again!

Now we are back and getting ready to go back to "normal" life and routines, as we are sure is the case with all of you. We want to encourage you all to recognize if you have added obligations or expectations of yourself as we are in the very busy and sometimes frantic in between holiday time. What are the things you are planning on adding into your everyday routine - do you feel overwhelmed? Asking yourself what do you feel and what do you need are a great start to stepping back into everyday life with more awareness and feeling a little more grounded. Even seemingly small things like drinking water, journaling at night, phoning a friend, taking a walk - can make a huge difference in maintaining some internal space - which is especially important right now.

If you haven't already done so - have a listen to the Mini Talk: Easing into the Holidays. This Wednesday Livestream Stacy W will be helping us with a yoga practice to Move us through the Holidays :)

We are grateful for all of you...

Oceans of Love,
Stacie and Stacy

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12 months


12 months

Hello Beauties! 💛 I am grateful you are safe, back online AND so very thankful for your “Easing into The Holidays” Talk. I loved it and I listened to it on my way to the first holiday commitment and it was a wonderful way to lovingly support myself through the gathering. Thanks 🙏