Good Morning! Updates and New content Alert!

Updates to the Yoga Asana Videos in the ALIVE Practices Section:
1. Under the Energize and Inspire Folder the Energize and Inspire Yoga Asana practice.
2. Under the Open Heart and Mind Folder the Heart Opening Yoga Asana practice.
3. Under the Cultivate Connection Folder the Forward Folding for Connection Yoga Asana practice.

New Content in the ALIVE Mini talks Section:

1. Under the Everyday Living Folder, a new talk, Daily Routines to Reduce Stress.
2. Under the Everyday Living Folder, a new talk, Balancing Emotions with Ayurveda.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions below in the comments or in the community page! Also, we would love to hear from you about topics you would like to learn more about or yoga asana practices you would like to see more of, i.e. body parts or yoga topics.

Oceans of Love to you all,
Stacy and Stacie

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about 1 year

Forward folds are my favorite. I watched the new Forward folding for connection asana practice & just watching it made me feel more connected and grounded. I can’t wait to actually practice it. For me, I think it pairs perfectly with yesterday’s Livestream as a way to reconnect with self, either before or after a big holiday gathering.

about 1 year

thank you this one is much needed