Good morning ALIVE community! Who likes swag? (We definitely do!)
We are so happy with the changes in the app and the new content that is going through the editing and mastering process as we type this. Now we would love to hear from you all - what practices are your favorite or most impactful for you right now (meditation, yoga flow, talk...ect.)
If you are willing to share - post on the ALIVE COMMUNITY page - every post and comment on the COMMUNITY page about your favorites will enter you into a drawing for some sweet ALIVE swag - coffee cups and tote bags are ready to be delivered or shipped! (or if you are already have sweet ALIVE swag - a Chakra Essential oil Blend of your choice)...We will draw our winner this Friday. Sounds fun - yes? We love a good sweepstake :) Hope to hear from you on the Community page!
Oceans of Love-Stacie and Stacy
Much Love

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about 1 year

Ummm! Yes please! 🙋🏼‍♀️

about 1 year

@Aimee Exactly!!

about 1 year

who doesn't love swag?!?