Meditation is something I have never practiced, mostly because my mind is always going and I figured it just wasn’t for me. I saw an Instagram post on this app that encouraged me to try the meditation practice on loving kindness. I thought pfftt, whatever. Meditation doesn’t work for me. But then the rebel angel on my shoulder said how do you know if you don’t try it? So this morning I got comfortable on the floor, closed my eyes, and turned on the program.

And I cried.

The practice dredged up all kinds of hurt and vulnerability that I had thought I had built up good defenses against. In doing so I also felt a subtle shift, much the way a rock shifts after water from a stream had been pushing against it for a very long time and suddenly the water gushes through, changing its course. I saw some of my relationships from a slightly different perspective. I felt lighter. I felt happier.

I definitely plan on practicing this meditation again. Thank you so much for sharing this practice! ❤️

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about 1 year

It's hard to stay focused for me too, and settle my mind down, it gets better the more you practice, Alive's guided ones are great to grow with🙂

about 1 year

Thank you for sharing your process with us @jody, raw and honest and beautiful! So happy you are here with us ❤🙏🧡

about 1 year

So sweet and honest. Thank you for sharing your struggles and successes with us! Love that you are enjoying the benefits of the App. 🙏💜