So l am listening to "Don't let the sun go down on me", and I have felt like in the last two years the sun has gone down on me. I have lost everything. But the cuts that I have need healed, and that's what Alive has done for me. Thank you to everyone that has helped me and just been there. For the first time ever, I am just crying and allowing myself to cry. Thank you all 💚

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about 1 year

LOVE! let those emotions run through you @Lori! So many challenges in the last few years and you have truly let these hard things grow you. It has been beautiful to witness🧡🙏❤

about 1 year

Release is a powerful tool! Hard work and dedication to yourself is paying off in the gift of release. Thank you for continuing to show up for us and yourself. @Sarah put it perfectly - a million likes to you @Lori! 🥰😘

about 1 year

A million likes to this post ❤❤❤