We are in the middle of a creative weekend, in our flow, updating, rearranging and creating. We want to share with you what we have been up to so far:
1. Right now we are inspired by nature and color which is reflected in the changes we made to folders under the practices. Check them out!
2. To cut down on overwhelm and gain clarity we created an outline of practices within the app to get you to specific goals - You can find these different pathways in the NEW folder "Paths to Get Started"
3. We have integrated the LiveStreams in the appropriate folders within both the practices and mini-talks.
Staying in the flow for the second half of the weekend we will be creating more talks, meditations and videos.
Let us know what you think and enjoy!
Oceans of Love, Stacy and Stacie

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about 1 year

I really like the new organization and look! 😘

about 1 year

Love it!!!

about 1 year

The sun is shining, the creative spark is burning and it feels good!💫❤🙏