Good Morning!

We want to update you all on a few changes that we are implementing on the ALIVE App! For those of you who know us, you know we are always growing, evolving and changing things up to be more effective, impactful AND efficient. With that being said here are the changes that are in process:

1. The menu items have changed. While there is no longer Individual Immersions folder, know that we have moved the Self Compassion Immersion to the ALIVE Practices folder – AND it is now available as part of the subscription.

2. The Resources menu folder has been renamed to ALIVE Mini Talks - which is just a little more clear! If you haven’t checked these out yet, please do. These are bite sized podcast- like talks on some subjects that may appeal to you!

3. The Livestream archive folder will be going away. All of the Livestreams will be going into the appropriate practice folders in the app.

4. We will be implementing a few more small changes in the next month to help you all find the resources that would be most helpful for you from day to day – so stay tuned!

We want to thank you for your patience as we undergo these changes. Our hope is that you are enjoying, or at least finding the content helpful in your healing journey!

Oceans of Love,
Stacie and Stacy

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about 1 year

For those of you with IOS the update for the menu is coming soon!