Our topic today was Conscious Armoring, check out the tips to find the healthy middle between being cut off from others and walking around with our hearts wide open in overwhelm. Stacie's talk and meditation has been uploaded to the LiveStream Archive Folder! Let us know if you have any comments or questions....Much Love, Stacie and Stacy

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about 1 year

Good question, @aimee
First I would explore why the necessity for the heavy armor there all of the time right now , the questions I would encourage you to be curious about are : "what do I need to protect and in what ways can I be hurt?"
I find that when I an in more of a reactive- defensive mode, I wear the armor more habitually than consciously. Also be curious to the younger part or parts of you that feel threatened. We all want to stay awake as much as possible to what we are feeling and what we need.
Also, make sure you can find places and times to safely take off the armor, staying connected with your circle, taking a walk during your workday even visiting your safe place in your mind, calling in your higher resources for protection and support. These are all possible ways to help shake and shimmy out of the rut :) experiment and let us know what works for you... sending you oceans of love!


about 1 year

My 'armor' at work varies in thickness. Recently, it is heavy and there are so many layers that I am unable to sift through. It has gotten to a point where I physically get sick or the tension headache sticks around all week. It has been a long time since I have been able to leave the armor at the door, and feel open at all here. What can one do when they are 'stuck' in a job or anywhere in their life with this heavy armor? How can you shake and shimmy out of the rut?