Perhaps F. Scott Fitzgerald was thinking of his soul mate when he wrote this, but after reading it, I think of my relationship to my Self. After all of the work, the awakening, the growth, the progress, and the self acceptance, I find that I love this person that I’ve become. Of course there are moments or days when I don’t feel it and there are times when someone has to talk me off the ledge, but now there are many more days when I recognize the Soul inside. Once Stacy and I were talking about finding the love within me for myself and I told her that I just can’t find that in myself. I have no trouble finding God because I know what that Divine love feels like within me, but the love of myself... I just can’t find that within. She told me “Mary if you can find that love from God then you’ve found yourself. That love is the same. It’s not separate. That is your soul, the real you.” It was a profound statement that changed my life and changed the way I think of myself.

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over 1 year

I ❤️ this. thank you for sharing.

over 1 year

Thank you, Mary for taking those words to heart. The more you love yourself, the more you show up fully in the world. It has been my pleasure to witness this process. ❤️😘

over 1 year

Beautiful, Mary🧡🙏❤