l just got around to watching Rocketman. l was happy, singing, angry and shouting, and crying like a baby. l found that Elton John is one of us, and he us working through all things that we are all working on with Stacy and Stacie. My favorite part is him reconnecting with his inner child. 💚

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about 1 year

l have always loved E, but now my love has moved to a deeper level💚 thank you Stacie and Stacy

about 1 year

Oh, Lori! I too, love this movie! Not only do I love Elton but to see a depiction of how he has navigated this hero's journey we all are faced with was moving and inspiring! While most of us can't relate to some of his circumstances, I know I can relate to so many of the feelings... and completely losing yourself in others. His journey back to himself is priceless❤

about 1 year

There are many lessons from the movie we can all hope to learn. One of them being there is joy in the mist of pain. It was a perfect blend of showing the pain in someone’s life while showing them rise and overcome. The work is hard but so rewarding and he now has a family he can love properly and he can be loved properly! ❤️