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Two new meditations: Connecting to Your Inner Child & Connecting to Your True Essence
Both are powerful and accessible ways to go inward and connect to parts of us that are essential to continue to move forward on a healing path.

Connecting to your inner child helps us work with the parts of us that are ready and calling for healing while connecting to our true essence is a discovery or perhaps a reminder of our purpose and to bring these important qualities forward in our daily lives. Working with our past while moving forward in cultivating more wholeness is a powerful and effective healing path!

These are meditations you can listen to again and again and allow different aspects and information to come forward...

You can find Connecting to Your Inner Child in the Open the Heart folder and Connecting to Your True Essence in the Energize and Inspire folder.

We hope you enjoy and get what you need from these meditations. As always, we are here for questions and support!

Much Love,
Stacie and Stacy

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about 1 year


about 1 year

nice!!! looking forward to listening đŸ¤—