Livestream detour due to the Yellow Brick Road....
Lately we have been communicating and thinking through Elton John lyrics. (Have you seen Rocketman??!) While we have always been a fan of the music of Elton John we are even more in love with him after knowing more of his story. The hero's journey as part of the human experience is something that captivates, inspires and reminds us of how we truly are all miracles. Elton's story of working through his inner (and outer) demons left us with our hearts cracked open a little more. Plus you add into the mix his amazing connection and friendship with Bernie Taupin and all that they created together - and we have been hooked!!!
Tonight we get to see Elton John in concert, in his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour and we are so incredibly excited!
We also realized that very early tomorrow morning we will still most likely be speaking in Elton John lyrics and breaking down the psychospiritual significance of our favorite songs which may or may not be of interest to you! We are practicing the lesson of self-care by easing into our morning tomorrow and postponing the Livestream. But stay tuned! Beyond the Yellow Brick Road we will be live next week with a talk and a pranayama practice on the transition of seasons through the lens of Ayurveda. So stay tuned❤☀️🧡

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about 1 year

@Sarah @Lori @Erin C. 😘 It was phenomenal❤❤🙏

about 1 year

love you two, love Elton, have a" Captain Fantastic " time.💚 love the pic, so far

about 1 year

As sad as we are there is no livestream, this post was the catalyst to an amazing evening with @Lori singing Elton and immersing ourselves in the powerful energy his songs produce 🥰 Have a great time!

Erin C.
about 1 year

have an amazing time !!! 💜