l listened to that same talk Mary and felt the same way. l did embrace that little girl. And plan to love her like one if my grandbabies. it to made me cry. Thank you Stacie💚

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about 1 year

yes! that is exactly what I thought!🤗

about 1 year

THIS! I haven’t listened yet. But today my granddaughter got scared and cane running to me screaming. I picked her up and held her so close and tight. We sat in the rocking chair and I kept telling her as I was rubbing her back. “You’re ok, you’re safe, nana has you”
I’m sure this is exactly the things my inner child needs to hear. Thank you for sharing this Lori. Looking forward to listening next week.

about 1 year

@Lori...perfect! Using the blueprint of how you love your grandbabies is exactly what that little one in you needs❤❤