Watched the Projecting Wounds this morning in the office, as no one else is around that early in the morning. So many emotions stirred especially in regards to my 11 year old. She's been triggering me lately, and it's all mine. I wanted to cry! So thank you for helping me to understand especially for her! This time is one of the most vulnerable times in her life. There are also currently 3 male figures in my life (dad, husband, and co-worker) that I would rather cut out of my life then deal with the anger and disappointment I feel anytime I'm around them. Is it odd to see someone else's energy field as black?

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What a practical and applicable solution. To just be with it for now. I can relate as I am ousting being in my feelings in my marriage. I am going on 39 years and I'm not sure what's going on. I am being with it, not judging it, and not trying to make it be different then it is. I find a lot of freedom in. My biggest challenge is feeling guilty for feeling the way I feel. There is not bitterness or anger per se but just an intense sorting in my soul,

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@aimee So many valuable insights❤ Starting with your daughter, asking your inner 11 year old what she needs is so important. Your love and acceptance of her in whatever feelings are stuck with that part of you will help you have more space for your sweet daughter and her experience in navigating this tough time. (seriously, there isn't enough money in the world that would entice me to go back to being 11 again!) As you soften with yourself, you will find yourself softening with her.
With the strong feelings around the men in your life...can you let it be? Many times we create these 2 options in our minds: Love them as is or Leave them. The middle may be found in an acceptance not of them and their behaviors, but of your anger and disappointment. It just is right now as uncomfortable as it feels. When we can just let the emotions take some space, have some acknowledgement, alot of times we make some space for clarity of the next right action (if any)!
And no, it isn't odd to see someone else's energy as black. What I would reflect on is what does the black represent to you? Just know that whatever comes to you, let it be an aspect of them that is really prevelant to you right now. I hope this helps? So many good openings for deeper insight❤🙏🧡