I did a thing today. It was scary and hard. I was afraid I would be rejected. I was afraid I would be blamed. I was afraid it would stir the pot and that would override my right to feel safe. I was worried I would have to compromise. I was worried I wouldn't be welcome any more. I was scared the drama it would cause would outweigh my right to say no. But I did a thing and asked for help. I drew a boundary and I was met with love and support. I was respected and valued. I was honored and heard. Today I reclaimed a little part of me and allowed myself a take up just a bit more space.

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over 1 year

ditto @stacyworley! You took healthy space, Angie, and made yourself part of the equation... you handeled this with grace, humility AND strength🧡🧡

over 1 year

That makes me so happy, and gives hope and strength. 💚💚🤗

over 1 year

Even if you were not met with love and support. We are still allowed to take up our own space. We are all worth not taking on someone else’s wrong behavior. I know that it is hard to take our space and ask for what we need but so worth it and so happy you were met with understanding and love. Courage is not all feel good and rainbows but it sure does bring them on after the action!! Yay for you, Angie! 🌈💥💕