Really enjoying everything I’ve tried so far on the app ! Listened to some of the talks under resources this morning and LOVED them - I’d love to see some talks on the ‘Rs’ in the inner revolution. :) One question I have is which yoga sequence would be best for me to implement in to my morning routine? Thank you! 💗

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over 1 year

Thanks Stacy! I’m excited to start implementing then yoga in to my morning routine! :)

over 1 year

Thanks Thea! Talks on the "Rs" from the Inner Revolution will be out soon...stay tuned!

over 1 year

Good Question, Thea! It would depend on how you are feeling that day. For example, do you feel anxious or have a busy day planned, maybe the calm asana practice would help or are you going to be around a lot of people and need to feel compassion or connection, then maybe Open Your Heart asana practice. But in general, I would say the energize in the morning would be a good daily practice to get all systems of the body flowing and ready for bringing energy and strength for the day.