I read this yesterday and thought I’d share it. A powerful concept that I often have trouble achieving.

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over 1 year

this is so happening with me now. thanks for sharing💚

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I love Don Miguel Ruiz! Thank you for sharing this, Mary! this passage remonds me of the inportance of strengthing the muscle of attunement...how can I find evidence to support my life is good, instead of the default of focusing on the negative or painful parts. While both exist in Reality, the choice as to what to focus on is ours...
It also reminds me of the importance of acknowledging the negative and then choosing the focus on the postive❤ So, so good!!🙌

over 1 year

Dream a new dream! When we slow down and recognize we are in frustration, overwhelm, or feeling like we are lacking, then we can move or release the stuck energy to access a new perspective or dream. We can see a new reality or maybe capital “R” our real reality that is not always seen through our filters. Many opportunities in the app to help shift perspective and have new dreams. Thank you for the reminder that we are in charge of how we are going to feel and how we see things. 🙏 💕