“True change can only occur if I am rooted in self-acceptance. To have self acceptance is a gift. It’s not giving up.”
These words resonated deeply with me this morning in the Taming the Inner Critic meditation. I am becoming aware of some very deeply buried anger, fear and grief that has been bubbling up the last couple months. I have been growing resentful that my life isn’t what I think it should be and then I get even angrier that I seem stuck and can’t make the changes I want to make.
I’m starting to see that I am stuck because I refuse to accept myself for where I am at - accept that this is my life and there’s no going back to course correct.
BUT... If I accept myself and where I am at that doesn’t mean I’m giving in and letting go of my dreams but just allowing them to evolve and take on a new form.
Today I am going to practice releasing my old ideas and accepting where I am and who I am.

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over 1 year

Beautifully articulated! Self acceptance isn't at all giving up, but recognizing the here and now. Self acceptance doesn't mean you don't have anger and grief, it means you soften around the decisions and circumstances that have landed you in the here and now. We always have an opportunity to course correct, and you are right Thea, that course correction could take us in a different direction than our original dream or vision. We need space to grieve what isn't, and make room for the possibilities of something else wonderful unfolding❤🙏🧡

over 1 year

🙋🏽‍♀️hi - I'm here. I think you're phenomenal. Acceptance of self is difficult, but know you are inspiring like @Sarah said. XO

Erin C.
over 1 year

yep, me too!!

over 1 year

I could have wrote this without the part of “accepting where I am and who I am” I’m not there yet. Still angry at myself. Wishing you the very best as you practice accepting. It’s SO hard. Good luck.

over 1 year

Thank you so much for this. I can get very stuck in the same way. I try to visit the me of those past choices and love her and give her hugs and grace.. she was just doing the best could with what she knew and trying to survive 💜 Moving forward we have a new voice!

over 1 year

Amazing awareness! You're so inspiring my dear friend 🥰❤