It's been a minute since I've been on. Caught in a tsunami of events that have changed my very core. But here i go, along for the ride. Trying to hold on to myself. Telling myself I am ok over and over and over. Not the same person I was, and probably won't be the same person next week. But fuck it, who ever I am I'm going to love me. (apologies for the language if I offend)

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over 1 year

Angie, thank you for sharing this !! I may even use it as the background on my phone ... wishing ya good luck with the tsunami ... maybe it’s a chance to learn to surf 🙂

over 1 year

@Angie yes, the tsunami can change is at our core, and riding it out with as much self love as possible is the key. Softening around ALL of the emotions that are arising❤🧡 you've got this!

over 1 year

Soften around the act of loving yourself! Take time today for a Yoga Nidra, Yoga Asana Practice, or guided meditation. Using our tools for action towards self love. 😘❤️