Hi Friends!
We again want to welcome you to this space! We have provided enough resources to get you going on your own Inner Revolution in body, mind and spirit - but we want you to know we have much more content on the way: more meditations, more mini-talks and more videos. We seem to be in a constant state of creating - which has been wonderful! Our goal is to provide you with helpful resources that support you - so we would love to hear from you about what that looks like. What content is most helpful? What topics are you interested in diving a little deeper into? What questions or concerns do you have? We want to hear it - all feedback is welcome and we are so happy you are here!

Much Love-
Stacie and Stacy

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over 1 year

Thea! Thank you so much for the suggestion...that is a great idea and one Stacy and I will explore! In the meantime keep dropping into whatever it is you are needing in the morning and night( calm, energy, inspiration, connection) and picking one of the many portals to help you align your energy for your particular needs at that time!

over 1 year

I’d love if there were a section on just morning and evening routine. I know that all the different practices can be used at my discretion but I love things spelled out for me sometimes so would love it there was a section dedicated to Morning and evening. :)